Jimmy Stewart's Photo Gallery II


Artist Location Photographer
Lainie Kazan        
Jimmy Stewart    
Recording Studio Chicago Bruce Swedien

Singer Lainie Kazan and I are shown in this very special recording studio
  -- with a very special Recording Engineer --- who has taken the photo you see here. Bruce Swedien has recorded the biggest selling music of all time,  and has won Grammy Awards for  "Best Engineered Recording"  for Michael Jackson's Thriller (1982), Bad (1987) Dangerous (1991) and Quincy Jones' Q's Jook Joint (1996). Bruce's has a list of credits which are too much to include here. This Master Virtuoso Recording Engineer didn't start recording loud music in a garage, he started recording The Chicago  Symphony for Conductor Fritz Reiner --- who told him --- if he ever made a mistake, he was fired !! Bruce Swedien has achieved a level o f mastery that only a few have achieved.

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