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Carlos Santana               .
Jimmy Stewart
Wiltern Theatre  L. A Motoo Ikami

Gabor Szabo was one the most record Jazz Guitarist during the Sixties
and Seventies, and Carlos Santana was his biggest fan. Carlos had
asked me to join him one the Bandstand at the Wiltern Thearte in L.A.
to pay tribute to Gabor Szabo -who past on at the early age of 45
just as we were entering the 1980s. Carlos heard a tune of mine
called "Gypsy 86" for my Blackhawk Album "The Touch."  I had written
this composition as a fictitious meeting between Carlos and Gabor.
Soon after, Carlos called me on the phone and invited me to play on
the stage with him at the Wiltern Theater in L.A. To make my
performance spontaneous with him on stage, he told me in the dressing
room, " Jimmy , when I bring you on stage - just PLAY --- I'm not
telling you the key, the tempo --- or the title of the tune."
He said, " You'll be parachuting into an audience of two thousand people !"
Music At Midnight, Jimmy Stewart

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