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Jimmy Stewart The Institute of Audio-Video Engineering Dory Lewis

Serving my country between 1958 to 1960 as a US Army Broadcast Specialist taught me new skills I could use in my career. "Basic Training (16th PIO) Jimmy Stewart who recently traveled with singer Ginny Simms as her musical director is now a basic trainee in the 16th Infantry D Company. Orchestrating and Arranging are one of Stewart's specialties. His teacher was Bud Young, who has done much of the arranging for Les Brown and his band. Stewart has performed in some of the top night clubs in the country, including the St. Regis Hotel in New York City and the Chi Chi in Palm Springs, Calf. After basic training Stewart will be assigned to Fifth Army Headquarters in Chicago recording and producing radio and TV shows for the US Army. Jimmy's MOS will be 703.14 'Broadcast Specialist'. The local radio show he'll start producing is titled "At Ease", a once a week half hour show."
Army Times Magazine

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