Jimmy Stewart's Photo Gallery II


Artist Location Photographer
Charlie Byrd
John Pisano
Jimmy Stewart
Northridge Auditorium Cathy Coulter

Three gentleman of the guitar which include the great Charlie Byrd. " Howard Rumsey , jazz entrepreneur and owner of 'Concerts by the Sea,' always wanted to hear me jam with on classical guitar with Charlie Byrd. Howard called my home on a Saturday afternoon and said to me, Jimmy bring your guitar and I'll have a microphone set up for you on the stage.' I replied, Are you sure its all right with Charlie?' He then said again in a subtle voice, Bring your guitar tonight, I want to hear you two play together.' Charlie was one of the first to record a mix of Blues-Jazz, Latin and Classical guitar music, along with Bossa Nova tunes with the great saxman Stan Getz. I experienced playing with him that Saturday night at 'Concerts by the Sea.' A duet sound that was unsurpassable."
The Evolution of Jazz Guitar, Jimmy Stewart

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