Jimmy Stewart's Photo Gallery II


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Jimmy Stewart
Abe Battat at the Piano
Letterman Army Hospital U.S. Army Signal Corps

I was born the son of a U.S. Army Doctor in the late 1930's at Letterman Army Hospital, Presidio of San Francisco. Shortly after my birth World War II began. My sister and I called the Presidio home during the war and until the mid 50's. During the war years, two events shaped my life forever. The Italian POW's detained at the Presidio taught me to play mandolin, banjo and guitar, and my dad educated me about compassion., love and caring. Every week he would ask me to visit the patients in the hospital wards,  and play music for them. I have never forgotten the joy they felt, and the sense of honor and duty I experienced. In this photo I'm playing my first job as a Musician's Union member. Where else?  At Letterman Army Hospital, Presidio  of San Francisco.

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