Jimmy Stewart's Photo Gallery II


Artist Location Photographer
Jimmy Stewart
Carlos Santana
Wiltern Theatre 
Los Angeles
Terri Tilton

It was March 10, 1967, San Francisco, and I had the greatest catbird seat in all cultural history!  I was not exactly "Mr. Establishment", having made my living as a touring guitarist since I was a teenager. Neither was I one of the endless scruffy kids who'd been lured to the city by the Life magazine hype about Haight-Ashbury, flower power, free love and "the warm San Francisco nights." Having grown up in the city, the son of an army Doctor at the Presidio, I knew exactly how splendid and cold it could be. But I was on the scene, of it - above it precisely as high as the stage at Fillmore West where I was scheduled to perform, sandwiched between two breaking acts, "Jimi Hendrix" and the "Jefferson Airplane" It was "The Day Before The Summer Of Love" and  Carlos Santana was in the audience. 
Jimmy Stewart, Music At Midnight

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