Jimmy Stewart's Photo Gallery II


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Quincy Jones
Lena Horne
NYC Associated Press

If there where ever two American music personalities you would want meet they would be Singer/Actress Lena Horne and The Musician's Musician, Quincy Jones! Both are exceptional people with extraordinary careers. Lena first soared into public acclaim with the 1946 film, "Stormy Weather." She went onto star in many films. Her Musical Director, Gene DiNovi, introduced me to her in Las Vegas in the early 60's.  Gabor Szabo was her guitarist at that time, and Gene thought that if Gabor ever left her, she might want me as her guitarist. The next time I meet Lena was a few years later at Gabor's house, and we had a nice chat. Then, one night she came into Dontes. Jazz Club in L.A. to see Gabor's group perform. When she was seated, she greeted me then I went on the band stand to perform with Gabor's Group. After the set, she called me over to her table with that big smile, and started to laugh  as she told me, "Jimmy, I didn't know you were a great guitar player. I thought. all this time, you were Gabor Szabo's manager!". Quincy I first met with Dave Grusin in Lake Tahoe and again in 1964 when "Q" was A&R Man for Mercury Records. He has been an integral part of the musical scene of America for over fifty years. Quincy has done it all --- and he's given nothing short of excellence.

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