Jimmy Stewart's Photo Gallery II


Artist Location Photographer
Wes Montgomery           San Francisco Charles Stewart

One of the few Jazz Guitarist to become a household name in music was Wes Montomgery, he believed that music should be communicated to the audience. I wrote in the " Wes Montgomery Jazz Guitar Method," It is rare when an artist of unquestionable stature achieves the degree of public acceptance that was awarded Wes Montgomery." I started work on Wes's book in 1967 for Robbins Music Corporation. We's manager, John Levy had looked at my draft for the book and told me it was a go. Wes left the music choices and style of the texted to me. My decision was to include transcriptions, note for note solos from his recordings along with ideas about his technique and simpler arrangements of standard tunes in his style. After the draft was completed, we meet in San Francisco with my manager, Lee Garson to have Wes look the book over. The first transcribed solo that we looked at, "If You Could See Me Now" was from a Verve album "Smokin At The Half Note. "The notation was complicated double time sixteen notes with syncopations ! As we listened to the recording, I took Wes's finger and we followed the music I'd transcribed from his sound on the recording to the page. After we were done, Wes told me in an excited voice that he was going learn to be a great sight reader on guitar. I said to him, Wes, please don't do that. You'll have all the studio guitarist in the world after me.

This is a photo Wes gave me. I love the expression in his eyes... He was saying to me, "Jimmy, you have done a great job with my book, 'The Wes Montgomery Jazz Guitar Method. "Jimmy you got it right."

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