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Over the years I have created music in a wide range of musical environments. On many occasions, I was able to record the event. Here are some of the memorable experiences for you to enjoy.

Leonard Feather noted jazz critic and author said in 1972, “Gabor Szabo’s musical curiosity encompasses the new in pop as well as the Indian culture … He is able to absorb without being absorbed … His sound is instantly identifiable. It is apparent to everyone who comes into this enigmatic musician’ s presence that his sound, along with his long-time partner, Jimmy Stewart’s classical and electric jazz guitars, transcend the surface anxieties of daily existence and they are able, through their music, to shape a journey into inner space.”
Jimmy Stewart Producer
From: “Gabor Szabo Live at McCabe’s” Apophis Records
Once in a great while there arrives on the scene a singer who seems to be more than a vocalist, a singer who can carry her entire essence into her songs and make them vividly her own. That singer is Daryl Johnson! She can be vital and witty, or subdued and melancholy, or again as soft and warm as a child alone in a meadow. But no matter what her mood, she is always graceful and controlled, the master of herself, and, above all, of her performance. The singing on these two MP3 recordings, demonstrates the pure art form of POP/JAZZ.
Produced and Arranged by Jimmy Stewart
Night People
From: Night People, Apophis Records
Part 1
Only The Lonely
From: Night People, Apophis Records
Part 2
No matter how many times the word has been abused musically, the fact remains that no other word can describe so completely the singing of Toni Lee Scott. That word would be “Soul”… and Toni has a super abundance of it! Her deeply emotional translations of popular songs go far beyond convincing audiences that they have just heard a particular song sung as never before.” Her presence is intimate and immediate as she comes alive in the pages of her autobiography, “A Kind of Loving.” Toni Lee Scott has reached the level of Celebrity by reason of her association with some of the most popular artists in the entertainment business… notably, her close friendship with James Dean.
Compact disc produced by Jimmy Stewart
Restoration by Apophis Music
Produced by Jimmy Stewart
Goody Goody featuring Howard Roberts on guitar,
From: “Toni Lee Scott Vol. Lonely”, Love and Jazz Records
Part !
Lollipops and Roses, featuring Jimmy Stewart on guitar
From “Toni Lee Scott Songs of My Friends”,
Love and Jazz Records
Part 2
If the word “professionalism” can be epitomized by one of the most successful producers to ever work in the recording industry, that man must surely be Quincy Jones! The following conversations with this illustrious man were conducted during the tracking dates for Michael Jackson’s album, “Thriller” at Westlake Studios, Los Angeles. [ circa 1982 by Jimmy Stewart] MP3
Conversations -
Quincy Jones and Jimmy Stewart: Part 1
Conversations -
Quincy Jones and Jimmy Stewart: Part 2
Eric Buchanan, feature writer for Boulevard Magazine said, “Long time musical director Jimmy Stewart enthusiastically underscores the drama and emotion Kazan brings to the stage, characterizing the broad versatility of her vocal interpretations as being from Gershwin to Dylan.”I first met Lainie through Peter Daniels her record producer and musical director.We had worked together on a recording session at the “Hungy I” show room in San Francisco for Barbara Streisand. Lainie wanted to take a guitarist on tour with her to Australia. Through this association, I became Lainie’s guitarist, musical director, arranger, and friend. The Ellington tour became significant for us, because of our discovery of the talented pianist Dave Benoit, whom we hired– “site unseen”! MP3
Lainie Kazan with Jimmy Stewart Musical DirectorOn the road with the Duke Ellington Orchestra 1975
One Fine
Morning – Live Part 1
Come Rain Or
Come Shine – Live Part 2
“Song for Carl and George” is a recreation of two friends playing music together and communicating with their instruments. Carl Kress was one of the pioneers of the chord solo-style of Jazz Guitar during the time called the “Swing Era” and was one of the most successful radio guitarists in the Thirties. George M. Smith became the first staff guitarist at Fox and Paramount Studios in Hollywood, playing all styles for motion-picture underscoring.” MP3
Song for Carl and George
Performed on guitars by Jimmy Stewart
This is an account of the first time I heard and met Jimi Hendrix: “The year was 1967. I was playing with Gabor Szabo at Bill Graham’s Fillmore Auditorium in San Francisco. “The Jefferson Airplane” also appeared, but the opening group on the bill was new to me — “Jimi Hendrix and the Experience.” I remember Jimi’s first tune well —”Purple Haze.” Looking down from our dressing room window, high above the auditorium floor, I heard echo’s of the Blues– and beyond! Like Django Reinhardt and Wes Montgomery, Jimi could make his instrument sound significant!” MP3
A Jimi Hendrix TributeJimmy Stewart, Solo Guitarist plays
Star Spangled Banner
Concert at City Stages Birmingham Alabama June 15, 1991 WBHM Broadcast